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 580.470 Biomedical Instrumentation II: Molecules & Cells
Course Overview
This core design course is tailored to explore the fundamentals of molecular and cellular measurements, related technologies and their applications in scientific research. The course will include a guided lab and challenging hands-on group projects. Emphasis will be on prevalent microtechnologies applied to developing instrumentation capable of handling cells and biological molecules, their manipulation, detection and measurements. The course will also involve a term paper consisting of a literature review on such technology. Students will research specialized instrumentation and present this in class.
Course Administration
Instructor Dr. Nitish Thakor
Dr. Leslie Tung
Rezina Siddique
Project Mentors Suneil Hosmane, Abhishek Rege, Kartikeya Murari
Timings Lecture Timings:
Lab Timings:
TA Office Hours:
4:00pm - 5:15pm on Thursdays
1:00pm - 3:00pm on Fridays
Location Lectures:
Barton Hall 114
Clark Hall 119 (unless otherwise stated)
Grading Labs & Assignments
Student Presentations & Term Paper
Final Project


Lecture Notes
Lecture 1 Molecules and Cells (Thakor)
Lecture 2 Microfabrication (Hosmane)
Lecture 3 Microfluidics (Rege)
Lecture 4 Fluidics in vitro Studies (Thakor)
Lecture 5 Biosensors (Thakor)
Lecture 6 Bioelectricity (Tung)
Lecture 7 Molecular Sensing (Thakor)
Lecture 8 Cellular Sensing (Tung)
Lecture 9 Advanced Microfabrication (Gracias)
Lecture 10 MicroBio Systems (Thakor)
Lecture 11 NanoBio Systems (Mao)
Lab 1 Mask Design for Photolithography (Microfab Lab)
Lab 2 Template Making with Lithography (Microfab Lab)
Lab 3 Microfluidic Devices with PDMS (Microfab Lab)
Lab 4 Simulation of Microfluidic Applications (HAC Lab)
Lab 5 Testing Microfluidic Devices (Microfab Lab)
Lab 6 Cell/Particle Counters (Instrumentation Lab)
Note that while entering the lab every week, the student is required to hand over to the TAs:
  • Answers to the pre-lab questions for that particular lab
  • Answers to the post-lab questions for the previous lab
    Assignment 1 Mask Design
    Assignment 2 Microfluidics for Biomedical Applications
    Project 1 Christmas Tree Gradient Generator for Cell Differentiation Study
    Project 2 Electrochemical Sensors for Biomolecules
    Project 3 On-Stage Incubator for Long Term Cell Studies
    Project 4 Self Assembled Monolayers (SAMs) for Time-Controlled Desorption
    Project 5 Cell Tracking for Motile Cells or Cellular Processes
    Microfabrication  Marc Madou, Fundamentals of Microfabrication, CRC Press.
    Microfluidics  Ch 1‒5 of Streeter and Wylie, Fluid Mechanics, McGraw-Hill, 1998
    Imaging  Online content by Nikon:

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