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Functional LSCI
We have combined temporal laser speckle contrast imaging (tLSI) with ridge tracking based vessel detection to obtain high resolution high contrast images of cerebral vascular structure. For the first time, the vasomotor and blood flow responses to electrical stimulation in rat peripheral trigeminal system were obtained simultaneously. The system is capable of picking up individual vessels with diameters down to 30 μm. The spatial spread of the blood velocity response relative to the point of stimulation was studied. The penetration depth of the laser used was proven to be sufficient to image dural as well as cortical vessels through a thinned skull preparation. The method could be very useful in understanding and studying disorders in the neurovascular system.
Nan Li, MSE
Kartikeya Murari, MSE
Abhishek Rege, MSE
Henry Brem, MD - Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (Neurology and Neurosurgery)
Gert Cauwenberghs, PhD - University of California, San Diego
Romer Geocadin, MD - Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (Neurological Critical Care)
NIH/HIA 1R01AG029681
Li N, Jia X, Murari K, Parlapalli R, Rege A, Thakor NV, High Spatiotemporal Resolution Imaging of the Neurovascular Response to Electrical Stimulation of Rat Peripheral Trigeminal Nerve as Revealed by in vivo Temporal Laser Speckle Contrast, J Neurosci Methods, 176(2):230-6, 2008

Li N, Jia X, Thakor NV, Simultaneously Study the Vasomotor Activity and Blood Velocity Response to Trigeminal Nerve Activation by Temporal Laser Speckle Imaging, Conf Proc Northeast Bioeng Conf, 2008

Murari K, Li N, Rege A, Jia X, All A, Thakor N, Contrast-enhanced imaging of cerebral vasculature with laser speckle, Appl Opt 46(22):5340-6, 2007
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