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Head-Mounted Imager
The motivation for this project is to develop imagers for head mounted imaging in awake and behaving rats. This ties in with our research on imaging and the long term goal is to monitor functional and anatomical information from the brain over a long period of time. We are working on characterising different CMOS photodiodes structures for the optimal performance in terms of sensitivity, noise and dark current. We are also working on novel high-sensitivity, low noise active pixel designs to develop CMOS imagers rivaling CCD sensors. Test chips have been fabricated and are under active characterization.
Sub Topics
Left: Micrograph of test chip with several photodiode and pixel structure). Right: Improved signal, noise and ANR performance from some of the novel structures of standard 3T APS
Kartikeya Murari, MSE
Mohsen Mollazadeh, MSE
Gert Cauwenberghs, PhD - University of California, San Diego
Ralph Etienne-Cummings, PhD - Johns Hopkins University (ECE)
David Klienfield - University of California, San Diego
Terry Sejnowsky - University of California, San Diego
NIH R01AG029681
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