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Clinical Neuroengineering
Peripheral Nerve
We aim to develop novel, high site-count microelectrodes that are optimized for electrically stimulating and recording from regenerated peripheral nerves.  These devices will facilitate the creation of next-generation neuroprosthetic systems for restoring function to upper- and lower-limb amputees.
Porous scaffolds arefabricated from poly (DTE carbonate) with a bimodal distribution of macro- (212–425 mm) and micro (1 to 10 mm)-pores. (Bourke & Kohn, 2003).
Intrafascicular Electrode and Peripheral Nerve Signal Recording
We aim to study long-term recording of nerve signal by modified intrafascicular electrodes in rabbits. Methods for long-term recording of peripheral nerve activity via intrafascicular electrodes have not been optimized. Intrafascicular electrodes with a spring-like structure have demonstrated superior potential for long-term electrophysiologic monitoring as compared to straight electrodes.
The residual motor pathways after amputation have not been fully elucidated. Intrafascicular electrodes can be used to monitor residual motor nerve activity in the stump and the amplitude may predict successful control of artificial limbs. In one case, a long-term amputee was able to generate motor neuron activity related to phantom limb movement.
(Left) Two intrafascicular electrodes surgically implanted in the radial nerve. (Right) Finger extension of the 'Nerve-signal Controlled Prosthesis Simulation Instrument' was triggered by volitional control from the amputee.    
Xiaofeng Jia, MD, PhD
Youngseok Choi, PhD
Xiaoxu Kang
Xing Wang
Dan Lewitus, PhD
Carlos A. Pardo, MD - Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (Neurology)
R. Jacob Vogelstein, PhD - Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
Defense Advanced Project and Research Agency (DARPA) - contract N66001-06-C-8005
Jia X, Ji JH, Peterson S, Keefer J, McFarland EG, Clinical Evaluation of the Shoulder Shrug Sign, Clin Orthop Relat Res, 2008

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