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RF Telemetry & Power Harvesting
The final element of the system is the power harvesting and telemetry chip. We have designed a telemetry chip in the same process that by inductive coupling supplies power to and transmits digital data from an implantable sensor. The same two coils are used to transmit both power and data. The chip supplies 1.7 mA at 3.3 V, over a distance up to 25 mm between coils. Experiments emulating the effect of human tissue by introducing water bearing colloids between the two coils revealed a negligible loss of transfer efficiency. With modified Miller encoding, the data link attained 3 10-5 bit error rate at 10 kbps transmission speed over 25 mm distance.
Sub Topics
  Micrograph of the RF-power harvesting and telemetry chip along with the generated supply and transmitted and demodulated data.
Mohsen Mollazadeh, MSE
Kartikeya Murari, MSE
Christian Sauer, MSE
Gert Cauwenberghs, PhD - University of California, San Diego
John Harb, PhD - Brigham Young University
NIH 1R21MH074703-01A1
Mollazadeh M, Murari K, Sauer C, Stanacevic M, Thakor N, Cauwenberghs G, Wireless Integrated Voltametric and Amperometric Biosensing, IEEE/NLM Life Science Systems and Applications Workshop, pp. 1-2, 2006

Sauer C, Stanacevic M, Cauwenberghs G, and Thakor NV, Power Harvesting and Telemetry in CMOS for Implanted Devices, IEEE Trans Circuits and Sys I: Regular Papers, 52(12):2605-13, 2005

Murari K, Sauer C, Stanacevic M, Cauwenberghs G, Thakor NV, Wireless multichannel integrated potentiostat for distributed neurotransmitter sensing, Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc, 7:7329-32, 2005
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