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NameDegreeYear LeftCurrent LocationCurrent Position
Guy Hotson PhD 2017 Ford Machine Learning for Autonomous Vehicles Research Engineer
Damini Agarwal MSE 2017 Infinite Biomedical Technologies Biomedical Engineer
Gyorgy Levay MSE 2017 Infinite Biomedical Technologies Research Engineering Consultant
Juhi Baskar MSE 2017 LVPEI Center for Innovation Leed Project Engineering
In Hong Yang Post-Doc 2016
Geoffrey Newman PhD 2016 Queexo machine learning engineer
Elliot Greenwald PhD 2016 Draper Labs Mixed-signal circuit designer
Ryan Smith PhD 2016 McKinsey & Company Data Scientist
Ernest So MSE 2016 Stanford University PhD Student
Robert Beaulieu MSE, MD 2016 Johns Hopkins Medicine Surgery Resident
Xiaofeng Jia Research Faculty 2015 University of Maryland School of Medicine
Hang Yu MSE 2015 Columbia University PhD Candidate
Matt Masters MSE 2015 Military Biomedical Engineer
Heather Benz PhD 2014 FDA Biomedical Engineer
Rezina Siddique PhD 2014 ZS Associates Associate Consultant
Xiaxou Kang PhD 2014 Rehabtics LLC Founder & CEO
Tina Lee MSE 2014 Infinite Biomedical Technologies Biomedical Engineer
Anil Maybhate Post-Doc 2013 Johns Hopkins University Lecturer
Dan Wu MSE 2013 Johns Hopkins University PhD Candidate
Ying Ma BS 2013
Suneil Hosmane PhD 2012 Becton Dickinson Strategic Innovation
Nan Li PhD 2012 Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Department of Radiology Postdoctoral Fellow
Vikram Aggarwal PhD 2011 Boston Consulting Group Consultant
Mohsen Mollazadeh PhD 2011 Apple Next Gen Sensor Algorithm Engineer
Abhishek Rege PhD 2011 Vasoptic Medical, Inc. CTO
Matt Trachtenberg MSE 2011 FDA Biomedical Engineer
Wei Xiong MD 2011 CWRU School of Medicine Assistant Professor, Neurology
Charles Hu BS 2011
Youngseok Choi Post-Doc 2010 Assistant Professor
Kartikeya Murari PhD 2010 University of Calgary Faculty
Brian Letzen MSE 2010 Yale University MD Candidate
Jai Madhok MSE 2010 Stanford University MD Candidate
Alessasndro Presacco MSE 2010 University of Maryland PhD Candidate
Shrivats Iyer BS 2010 Stanford University PhD Candidate
Mitali Parmar BS 2010 Northwestern University MD Candidate
Matthew Koenig Research Faculty 2009 University of Hawaii
Soumyadipta Acharya PhD 2009 Johns Hopkins University Assistant Research Professor
Gracee Agrawal MSE 2009 Apple Special Projects (R&D)
Girish Singhal MSE 2009 Infinite Biomedical Technologies Engineer
Yoshiaki Sono BS 2009
Helen Schwerdt BS 2009
Suraag Patel BS 2009
David Huberdeau BS 2009 Johns Hopkins University PhD Candidate
Alan Siefert BS 2009 University of Pennsylvania PhD Candidate
Hyunchool Shin Post-Doc 2008 Postech University, South Korea Assistant Professor
Nirveek Bhattacharjee PhD 2008 University of Washington Post-Doc
Francesco Tenore PhD (EE) 2008 JHU Applied Physics Lab Post-Doc
Rob Rasmussen BS 2008 University of Pittsburgh MD-PhD Candidate
Chris Lee BS 2008 Johns Hopkins School of Public Health Masters Candidate
Yujie Wang BS 2008
Jennifer Ferrigan BS 2008 Deloitte Consulting, Washington DC Consultant
Anthony Au BS 2008 University of Washington PhD Candidate
Jacob Volgestein PhD 2007 JHU Applied Physics Lab Post-Doc
Aniruddha Chatterjee MSE 2007 Bates White LLC, Washington DC Consultant
Yoonju Cho MSE 2007 Johns Hopkins University PhD Candidate
Ander Ramos MSE 2007 University of Tubingen, Germany PhD Candidate
Kelvin Liang BS 2007 Washington University at St Louis MD-PhD Candidate
Rajiv Mallipudi BS 2007 Ohio State University MD Candidate
Bo Hong Post-Doc 2006 Tsinghua University, China Associate Professor
Manisha Aggarwal MSE 2006 Johns Hopkins University PhD Candidate
Brandon O'Rourke BS 2006 Fannie Mae Software Engineer
Kabilar Gunalan BS 2006 Case Western Reserve University MD-PhD Candidate
Deliyang Ye Post-Doc 2005 Philips Healthcare Sr Software Engineer
Shanbao Tong Post-Doc 2005 Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China Professor
David Sherman Research Faculty 2005 Infinite Biomedical Technologies Research Scientist
Anshu Sarje MSE 2005 University of Maryland PhD Candidate
Jaehyung Yoon MSE 2005 Toucan Capital Venture Capital Associate
Vikram Shirgur MSE (EE) 2005
Christian Sauer MSE 2005 Stanford University PhD Candidate
Nelson Yang MSE 2004 USPTO Patent Examiner
Jason Brooke MSE 2004 University of Maryland Law Student
William Lau MSE 2004 NIH
Mihir Naware MSE 2004 St Jude Medical Engineer
Joseph Paul Post-Doc 2003 Sydney, Australia Assistant Professor
Phillippe Passeraub Post-Doc 2003
Yien-Che Tsai PhD 2003 NCI Post-Doc
Chirag Patel MSE 2003 MD-PhD Candidate
Nada Boustany Post-Doc 2002 Rutgers University Assistant Professor
Jitendran Muthuswamy Post-Doc 2002 Arizona St University Assistant Professor
Cameron McIntyre Post-Doc 2002 Cleveland Clinic Assistant Professor
Ming-Chieh Ding MSE 2002 MIT-Harvard PhD Candidate
Oleg Gerovichav MSE 2002
Grant Mulliken MSE 2002 MIT Post-Doc
Jeffrey Wallace MSE 2001
Abhishek Bandyopadhyay MSE 2001 Georgia Tech University PhD Candidate
Paul George MSE 2001 MIT PhD Candidate
Jose Hagan MSE 2001 Vanderbilt University MD Candidate
Ruchika Singhal MSE 2001 Medtronic Engineer
Anshul Thakral MSE 2001 Marakon Associates Consultant
Damian Tomlin MSE 2001 Bard Urological
Lee Johnson MSE 2001 Naval Research Lab Research Scientist

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