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Journal Club

Thursdays 2-4 pm in Clark 101
First Thursday: Review paper
Second Thursday: Focus paper
Third Thursday: Review paper
Fourth Thursday: Data meeting


2/28/13: Data Meeting
Matt Fifer and Yujing Wang: Online functional mapping

2/21/13: Review Paper Meeting
Griffin Milsap: Signal Distortion from Microelectrodes in Clinical EEG Systems
Heather Benz: High-frequency neural activity and human cognition: Past, present and possible future of intracranial EEG research

2/14/13: Focus Paper Meeting
Ryan Smith: A high-performance neural prosthesis enabled by control algorithm design

2/7/13: Review Paper Meeting
Elliot Greenwald: Book chapter
Guy Hotson: Ensemble Methods in Machine Learning

1/31/13: Review Paper Meeting
Geoffrey Newman: The economy of brain network organization
Kyle Rupp: The ups and downs of beta oscillations in sensorimotor cortex

12/05/12: Data Meeting Contd.
Presenters: Ryan Smith, Griff Milsap, Mike Powell

11/28/12: Data Meeting
Presenters: Kyle Rupp, Danny Jack, Geoffrey Newman

11/14/12: Focus Paper Meeting
Matt Fifer: Strategy-Dependent Encoding of Planned Arm Movements in the Dorsal Premotor Cortex, Moran Science 2012

11/7/12: Review Paper Meeting
Ramana Vinjamuri: Challenges in BMIs, Shenoy IEEE TBME 2011
Ryan Smith: Models vs. Algorithms

10/31/12: Data Meeting
Presenters: Mike Powell, Ryan Smith, Matt Fifer, Guy Hotson


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