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Luke Osborn's work is featured as the cover for the June issue of Science Robotics cover
June 20, 2018

Luke Osborn's recent journal publication was featured on the cover of this month's issue of Science Robotics. The article describes how a prosthetic hand and its user can perceive sensations of both touch and pain through a new electronic dermis with neuromorphic spiking. See the JHU press release here. See Luke's interview with AAAS here. Read the full paper in Science Robotics.


Joseph Betthauser's work is the main featured article for the April issue of IEEE Transacitons on Biomedical Engineering (TBME).
March 25, 2018

Joseph Betthauser recent journal publication was featured in the April issue of IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering. The article focuses on a novel, robust method using adaptive sparse representations for myoelectric pattern recognition. Read the full paper on IEEE Xplore.

PhD student, Luke Osborn, wins "Best Live Demonstration" award at IEEE Biomedical Circuits and Systems (BioCAS) conference in Turin, Italy.
Oct 19, 2017

Luke Osborn received the award for Best Live Demonstration at the annual IEEE BioCAS conference in Turin, Italy. He presented his work on using targeted transcutaneous electrical nervfe stimulation for sensory feedback in upper limb amputees. You can read his conference paper on IEEE Xplore.

Student is Runner Up at StartRight Maryland Women's Business Plan Competition 2016
Aug 25, 2016

Damini Agarwal was first Runners Up for her business plan for MedAPT, a medical devices company to commercialise BlinkIT - A Blink Based Quadriplegic Communicator Interfaced with Virtual Reality. StartRight! is a regional business plan competition that was established in 2004 by Rockville Economic Development, Inc. (REDI) to encourage women entrepreneurs to write their business plans, leading to stronger companies.

Student Wins Intel-Cornell Cup 2016 Grand Prize
May 23, 2016

Gyorgy Levay headed the team that won the grand prize in the 2016 Intel-Cornell Cup with a device that allows individuals with limited upper limb functionality (such as amputees) to retain complex control of computers. The Intel-Cornell Cup is a college-level design competition created to empower student teams to become the inventors of the newest innovative applications of embedded technology.

Student Receives Google - Anita Borg Scholarship
Mar 20, 2016

Damini Aggarwal has received the Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship. As a scholar, she will be invited to attend the Google Scholars' Retreat at the Google Headquarters in Mountain View, CA.

Individual Finger Control BCI wins 2015 BCI Research Award
Oct 21, 2015

The 2015 Annual BCI Research Award has been awarded to the collaboration between the Thakor, Crone, and APL neuroengineering research labs for the development of BCI capable of individual finger control with the modular prosthetic limb using human ECoG signals.

Student wins the Best Use of Cloud at MedHacks 2015
Oct 4, 2015

Using the ManaHealth API, Damini Aggarwal's team created a cloud based system for storage of diagnostic data in war stricken zone for ease of portability and use. Moreover, the migration patterns of refugees and diagnostic results could be used to determine possible disease spreads and allow for preliminary preventive measures.
This Hackathon saw participation from technologists, scientists, healthcare professionals and engineers who worked together to solve healthcare problems from across the world. There were more than 300 participants from over 100 institutes from across the USA.

PhD student wins best solo project at the 2015 Baltimore Hackathon
Sep 18, 2015

Income Explorer ( was created by Ryan Smith over a 36 hour period at the 2015 Baltimore Hackathon (Sept 18-20, 2015)

Income Exporer is a set of tools for collecting and visualizing data related to household income in the United States. The project, built primarily with Python and D3.js collects household income from the US Census and visualizes it on an interactive web map. This tool was designed to help individuals better understand the interaction between geography and wealth. The tool will eventually be used along with the earlier Baltimore Tax Credit Map to guide outreach efforts for increasing adoption of the homeowner's tax credit.

- Awarded best solo project in the general category (125 participants, 28 projects across 2 categories: General & Hardware)

This project received media coverage in the following articles:

PhD students win the Fall 2015 Hophacks
Sep 11, 2015

The Baltimore Tax Credit Map ( was created by Ryan Smith and Geoffrey Newman at HopHacks Fall 2015 (Sept 11-13, 2015)

This project attempted to improve access to the Maryland Homeowners Tax Credit for Baltimore Residents. This tax credit is available to homeowners throughout Maryland who meet certain eligibility requirements based on their household income. The credit was designed in order to reduce the burden of property taxes on low income individuals. However, currently only about 6% of Baltimore homeowners are taking advantage of this credit.

The Baltimore Tax Credit Map project visualized the distribution of tax credit adoption in Baltimore City through a web map. Additionally, the site provides essential information and simplified explanations about the tax credit itself as well as how potentially eligible residents can apply. To further ease the process, a tool was created allowing users to access their official city tax records via a point and click interface on the map.

This project is being developed further with the hopes of generating an outreach campaign to increase adoption of the tax credit and add potentially millions of dollars each year to the Baltimore City economy.

- Awarded best user experience by Mission:Data
- Awarded best use of open Baltimore data by Booz Allen Hamilton
- Awarded best overall project (over 200 undergraduate and graduate students participated to create 38 projects)

This project received media coverage in the following articles:

PhD Student Awarded JHUAPL Graduate Fellowship
Feb 01, 2014

Guy Hotson received the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Graduate Fellowship. This will support his efforts in the development of a semi-autonomous brain-machine interface capable of completing tasks requiring a high level of dexterity.

Paper wins the IEEE-EMBS Outstanding Paper Award
Sep 04, 2012

IEEE-EMBS Outstanding Paper Award is conferred to the paper "Asynchronous Decoding of Dexterous Finger Movements Using M1 Neurons," published in IEEE Trans. Neural. Syst. Rehabil. Eng., Vol. 16, pp. 3-14, 2008, by V. Aggarwal, S. Acharya, F. Tenore, H.-C. Shin, R. Etienne-Cummings, M. H. Schieber, and N. V. Thakor.

Senior PhD student awarded NCIIA Advanced E-team Grant
Jul 26, 2012

Xiaoxu Kang received a NCIIA Advanced E-team grant ($18,000) in July 26, 2012. E-Team grants support commercial outcomes by moving science and technology innovations from the idea stage to prototype and eventually to market. An E-Team is a multidisciplinary group of faculty, students, and industry mentors working together to bring a product or technology to market the "E" stands for excellence and entrepreneurship. Grantees have access to NCIIA's venture development workshops, mentoring, and a chance to participate in the annual Open Minds Exhibit, which showcases breakthrough technologies from NCIIA's top student teams.

Masters student receives the 2012 GEN Omar N. Bradley Research Fellowship In Mathematics
Jan 25, 2012

CPT Michael A. Powell is an MSE candidate whose research focuses on the application of pattern recognition algorithms to myoelectric prosthesis control. The GEN Omar N. Bradley Research Fellowship in Mathematics is awarded to selected U.S. Army officers who are actively engaged in learning, teaching, or applying mathematics to an Army problem. Mike's work is focused to creating a more natural, intuitive way for amputees to control the increasing capabilities of modern myoelectric prostheses.

Senior PhD student wins the 3rd Place Winner in JHU Business Plan Competition
Apr 28, 2012

Xiaoxu Kang led a student team and entered the social enterprise track in the JHU Business Plan Competition 2012. After three rounds of competitions, Xiaoxu Kang's team was honored with 3rd Place Winner out of 36 total business plan entries in the social enterprise track on April 28th 2012.

Senior PhD student receives Diversity Recognition Award
March 18, 2012

Xiaoxu Kang received a Johns Hopkins Diversity Leadership Council's Diversity Recognition Award in 2012, which honors faculty, staff and students whose efforts have fostered greater appreciation, advancement and celebration of diversity and inclusiveness in the Hopkins culture and environment. Xiaoxu was recognized for her active leadership in Women of Whiting, a graduate student organization to promote career development of female students at Johns Hopkins University.

Senior PhD student Honored as a Macklin Fellow
March 03, 2012

Xiaoxu Kang, a PhD student working with Dr. Nitish V. Thakor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at JHU has been awarded a Macklin Mini-Fellowship For Ataxia Edification sponsored by The Gordon and Marilyn Macklin Foundation and the Chesapeake Chapter of the National Ataxia Foundation. This mini-fellowship is designed to promote ataxia awareness among the most promising young individuals who are in the process of exploring or defining their future career goals. Xiaoxu was invited to attend the 29th Annual Medical Meeting of the Chesapeake Chapter of the National Ataxia Foundation on Saturday, March 3rd, at Montgomery College in Rockville.

Senior PhD student awarded Robbie Melton Scholarship
December 08, 2011

Xiaoxu Kang, a PhD student in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, was selected as the winner of this year's Women in Bio Robbie Melton Scholarship. The scholarship honors Women In Bio co-founder, Robbie Melton, who has dedicated her career to fostering the growth of life science entrepreneurs. The scholarship fund was established to advance the educational development of women in the life sciences industry by encouraging and supporting education on the business aspects of life science. Xiaoxu earned the scholarship with her active involvement in Women of Whiting and her record of research excellence.

Visiting PhD student receives best paper award
November 17, 2011

Sudip Nag, a visiting student from IIT Bombay in the VLSI and instrumentation group, received the Best Student Paper award at the Global Interposer Technology (GIT 2011) workshop, held at Georgia Tech., Atlanta, from November 14-15, 2011. His paper and poster, entitled "Low Cost Polymer Nano-Mechanical Sensor Systems for Healthcare and Homeland Security Applications," described a state-of-the-art instrumentation system he developed using a nano-fabricated 3D sensor system for highly sensitive biochemical and explosive detection.

Senior PhD student receives best poster award
October 11, 2011

Nan Li, a senior PhD student in the neuroimaging group, received first place in the "Best Posters" category at the Hopkins Imaging Conference 2011 for her poster, "Optogenetic-guided Cortical Plasticity Following Forepaw Denervation." More information on the conference and other awards can be found here.

Senior PhD student named 2012 Siebel Scholar
September 19, 2011

Suneil Hosmane, a senior PhD student in the microsystems group, was named a Siebel Scholar, Class of 2012. The Siebel Scholars program was founded to recognize the most talented students at the world's leading graduate schools of business, computer science, and bioengineering. Suneil was recognized for his work on innovative micro-devices to investigate neurodegenerative diseases. The JHU Gazette article on the five scholars from Hopkins can be found here.

Senior PhD student receives Robbie Melton Scholarship
April 4, 2011

Nan Li, a senior PhD student, was selected as the recipient of this year's Women in Bio Robbie Melton Scholarship award of $1,000. The fund was established to support the educational development of women in the life science industry.

Assistant research professor receives Olympus Innovation Award
March 28, 2011

Dr. Soumyadipta Acharya, an assistant research professor in the BCI group, was named one of three 2011 winners in the Olympus Innovation Awards Program. The award recognizes individuals who have fostered or demonstrated innovative thinking in education. It was sponsored by Olympus Corporation of Americas in Partnership with the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance.

Masters student receives Travel Award for IEEE EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering
March 24, 2011

Dan Wu, a second year Masters student, received a travel grant for $700 to attend the 5th International IEEE EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering in Cancun, Mexico. Dan's winning paper was entitled "Causal Interactions from Thalamic and Cortical LFPs following Hypoxic-ischemic Brain Injury."

Prof. Thakor receives Engineering for Professionals Excellence in Teaching Award
March 22, 2011

Dr. Nitish Thakor was awarded the 2011 Engineering for Professionals Excellence in Teaching Award, which recognizes consistently outstanding performance in the classroom. He will be honored at the Dean's Convocation on Monday, May 9 on the Homewood Campus.

Senior PhD student named 2011 Siebel Scholar
August 20, 2010

Vikram Aggarwal, a senior PhD student in the BCI group, was named a Siebel Scholar, Class of 2011. The Siebel Scholars program was founded to recognize the most talented students at the world's leading graduate schools of business, computer science, and bioengineering. Each year, 80 outstanding graduate students are selected as Siebel Scholars based on academic excellence and demonstrated leadership and receive a $35,000 award toward their final year of studies. The complete list of scholars can be found here.

Two PhD students named finalists for IEEE EMBS Student Paper Competition
July 20, 2010

Senior PhD students Abhishek Rege and Heather Benz were selected as open finalists for the 2010 IEEE EMBS Student Paper Competition. Abhishek and Heather each receive a $500 travel stipend, and will present their work titled "Imaging Microvascular Flow Characteristics Using Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging" and "Connectivity Mapping of the Human ECoG During a Motor Task with a Time-Varying Dynamic Bayesian Network", respectively, later this month in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Prof. Thakor is recipient of IEEE EMBS Technical Award
July 7, 2010

Dr. Nitish Thakor was awarded a 2010 IEEE EMBS Technical Award for his significant contributions to neuroengineering. The award consists of an engraved plaque and a $1,500 honorarium.

BME PhD student receives Diversity Recognition Award
May 18, 2010

Third year PhD student Heather Benz received a Johns Hopkins Diversity Leadership Council's Diversity Recognition Award, which honors faculty, staff and students whose efforts have fostered greater appreciation, advancement and celebration of diversity and inclusiveness in the Hopkins culture and environment. Heather was recognized for her part in creating the Diversity and Academic Advancement Summer Institute, a program that brings Dunbar High School students to Hopkins for academic enrichment and laboratory experience.

Masters student awarded Graduate Teaching Assistant Award
April 14, 2010

Second year Masters student, Jai Madhok, was awarded the George M. L. Sommerman Engineering Graduate Teaching Assistant Award for outstanding performance as a TA. He was selected by a subcommittee of Tau Beta Pi, who drew upon student nominations in making their selection. The award consists of a plaque and a cash award of $1,000.

Prof. Thakor to chair First AMA-IEEE Medical Technology Conf on Individualized Healthcare
March 21, 2010

Dr. Nitish Thakor will chair the First AMA-IEEE Medical Technology Conference on Individualized Healthcare in Washington DC from March 20-22, 2010. Individualized Healthcare focuses on genomically-determined patient profiles and developing low-cost and effective technologies to deliver individualized treatment plans. The two-day conference will present the grand challenges and innovative technological solutions necessary for the practical application of Individualized Healthcare to improve the quality of patient care.

Prof. Thakor receives Distinguished Alumnus Award from IIT Bombay
March 10, 2010

Dr. Nitish Thakor was one of five recipients of the Distinguised Alumni Award from his alma mater - the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India. This is the highest honour the Institute bestows, and is awarded to leaders in academia, industry, government, activism, and religion. The complete list of honourees can be found here.

Senior PhD student places 2nd at SPIE Student Poster Competition
October 12, 2009

Abhishek Rege, a senior doctoral candidate (BME), placed 2nd in the Best Student Poster Competition at the "Optical Diagnostics and Biophotonic Methods: From Bench to Bedside" workshop organized jointly by NIH and SPIE. His poster was titled "A method for selective in-vivo imaging of cerebral arteriolar flow using laser speckle contrast." The workshop was attended by over 350 preeminent biophotonics researchers and received nearly 100 entries in the student poster category.

BME PhD student wins NIH NRSA Pre-Doctoral Fellowship
June 1, 2009

Suneil Hosmane, a 3rd year PhD candidate, has been awarded the NIH NRSA (National Research Service Award) Predoctoral Fellowship. It is awarded to students that have demonstrated outstanding scholastic achievement and show promise in continuing high level research in biomedical science and engineering. Applications are written in a NIH grant format and highlight the student's research interests, results, and future directions, which are then peer reviewed by a study section in the NIH. For more info about the award, go to the NIH NRSA award website.

Micro/Nano Systems group member wins 3rd place in Nanobiotech Symposium
May 18, 2009

BME graduate student, Suneil Hosmane, recently placed 3rd (out of 81) for his poster entitled "Open culture platform reveals cellular mechanisms of axon degeneration and microglial response" at the annual Johns Hopkins Nanobiotechnology conference. The poster details a unique microfluidic platform to investigate glia-axon interactions.

BME PhD student wins NSERC fellowship
March 25, 2008

Vikram Aggarwal, a 1st year PhD candidate, has been awarded the NSERC (National Sciences and Engineering Research Council) Postgraduate Scholarship. It is valued at $63,000 over 36 months, the highest category of postgraduate fellowship available in Canada. The scholarship is based on academic excellence, research potential, and communication, interpersonal and leadership abilities. For more info about the award, go to the NSERC award website.


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