Principal Investigator: Nitish V. Thakor, PhD

Email: nitish[at]jhu[dot]edu

Dr. Nitish Thakor is a Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering and at Johns Hopkins University since 1983 and National University of Singapore since 2012.  He is also the Founding Director of Singapore Institute for Neurotechnology at the National University of Singapore. His technical expertise is in the field of Neuroengineering, where he has pioneered many technologies for brain monitoring, implantable neurotechnologies, neuroprosthesis and brain-machine interface.

He has published over 400 refereed journal papers, has 17 US and international patents and co-founded 3 active companies. He was previously the Editor in Chief of IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, and currently the EIC of Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing (Springer/Nature). He is the Editor of an upcoming authoritative reference Handbook of Neuroengineering.  Prof. Thakor is a recipient of the Technical Achievement Award (Neuroengineering) as well as the Academic Career Award from the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. He received a Research Career Development Award from the National Institutes of Health and a Presidential Young Investigator Award from the National Science Foundation, and is a Fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering, Life Fellow of IEEE, Biomedical Engineering Society, and International Federation of Medical and Biological Engineering. 

The Team

The Team

Christopher Hunt

BME PhD Program chunt11[at]jhmi[dot]edu

Chris has an interest in forward motor control strategies for upper limb prostheses. His current research applies principles of machine learning, optimal control, and biomechanics to better understand natural motor planning and execution in hybrid man-machine systems.
The Team

Mark Iskarous

BME PhD Program miskaro1[at]jhu[dot]edu

Mark is interested in developing systems that neuromorphically encode tactile stimuli as electrical stimulation patterns in order to seamlessly interface with the nervous system. He is also interested in neuromorphic computing and models of the nervous system.
The Team

Becca Greene

ECE PhD Program greener[at]jhu[dot]edu

Becca works on methods for myographic signal classification and visual-tactile servicing systems. Her general research interests are robotics, brain-machine interface, and the balance of machine learning with mathematically provable control techniques.
The Team

Alexis Lowe

BME PhD Program alowe14[at]jhmi[dot]edu

Alexis is passionate to explore materials and methods that interface the human nervous system with bioelectronic devices. Her current research focuses on implantable electrode design for peripheral nerve interfaces.
The Team

Keqin (Catherine) Ding

BME PhD Program kding3[at]jhu[dot]edu

Catherine is interested in the cortical responses of sensory feedback. Her current research uses EEG to study dynamic sensorimotor processing under sensory stimulation and characterize responses in chronic pain patients.
The Team

Sriramana Sankar

BME PhD Program ssankar6[at]jhu[dot]edu

Sri is interested in texture discrimination applications using soft prosthesis and flexible tactile sensors. The compliant nature of soft robotic fingers allows for safe and dexterous manipulation of objects in an unstructured environment.
The Team

Kiara Quinn

BME PhD Program kquinn20[at]jhu[dot]edu

Kiara is interested in bioelectronic medicine and neuroprosthetics. She is a Kavli Neuroscience Discovery Institute Graduate Scholar, and her current research focuses on implantable devices for interfacing with reinnervated muscle.
The Team

Yinuo (Enoch) Zeng

BME MS Program yzeng18[at]jhu[dot]edu

Yinuo is interested in ultrasound neuro-modulation for treatment of brain diseases. He is currently studying the inhibitory neuro-modulatory effect of ultrasound stimultion and the use of laser speckle contrast imaging to monitor the hemodynamic response.
The Team

Yinghe Sun

BME MS Program ysun102[at]jhu[dot]edu

Yinghe is interested in applying mixed reality to facilitate the treatment for neural disorders. His current research studies the impact Augmented or Virtual Reality could bring to pre-prosthetic training, along with feasible methodologies to facilitate training in Augmented or Virtual Reality.
The Team

Yunru Chen

BME MS Program ychen381[at]jhu[dot]edu

Yunru has a concentration in biomedical instrumentation. Her research interests focus on cortical processing and brain mapping with EEG. She is currently researching the effect of sensory stimulation on brain functional connectivity in upper limb amputees.
The Team

Arik Slepyan

BME MS Program aslepya1[at]jhu[dot]edu

Arik studies biomedical instrumentation and micro/nanotechnology. He researches novel electronic skins that are scalable and neuromorphic, and is interested in sensor design, BMI development, and RF communication.
The Team

Jacky Tian

BME MS Program

Jacky is passionate about bioelectronic medicine, particularly neural interfaces and neuroprostheses. His current research focuses on muscle reinnervation and electrophysiology.
The Team

Ze Ou

BME BS/MS Program zou1[at]jhu[dot]edu

Ze is currently helping with the EEG signal analysis with sensory feedback. His main interest is network analysis of the somatosensory and motor cortex of the brain.
The Team

Christopher Shallal

BME Undergraduate cshalla1[at]jhu[dot]edu

Chris has been a double amputee all his life, and works specifically on prosthetic technology, soft robotics, and neural devices. His research aims to improve upper limb prosthesis control and comfort.
The Team

Connor Glass

Research Fellow in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery cglass9[at]jhmi[dot]edu

Connor researches microsurgical interventions for nerve damage and neural integration of the peripheral nervous system. His primary interest is invasive neural integration through implantable peripheral nerve interfaces and their relation to advanced prosthetic limbs.
The Team

Janaka Senarathna

Postdoc Fellow in Radiology dmmj.senarathna[at]

Janaka specializes in designing miniature optical imaging instruments for biomedical applications. He is currently a Kavli Neuroscience Discovery Institute Postdoc Scholar, and studies brain injury using the the instruments he developed.


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